5 Ways to Serve Food at Your Wedding

A wedding becomes more memorable if the food that is offered is appetizing. There are many creative ways in which you can offer the food to your guests. Here we have highlighted a few ways in which you can satisfy the food cravings of your guests at your wedding ceremony.


If you are organizing your wedding reception at 12 noon and 2 pm then a luncheon would be a great way to offer food to your guests. Pasta dishes, Salads and chicken related dishes could be served in this menu. This kind of option is great if you have booked an outdoor wedding venue.

Dessert Only

Well this is something non-traditional and will surely shake things up at your wedding reception. A candy buffet, accompanied with a chocolate fountain and a broad assortment of delicious desserts are bound to satisfy the cravings for desserts at your wedding reception. This kind of menu is suitable if you have invited young guests at the wedding reception however still you should also include some savory dishes with such a sweet menu so that people with diabetes will also have something to eat at your wedding party.


Buffet Dinner

This option is great for casual couples who want a relaxing reception and want the guests to serve themselves. Typically this type of a food option at weddings will have various types of food items to choose from. The more you include rich variety of food the more it will become rich for your wallet, so only plan on having a buffet at your wedding reception if your budget allows you to do so.


Sit Down Dinner

If you work on Wall Street then this type of food option will best fit your wedding reception. This is the most elegant catering option that you would like to include at your wedding celebration. It is not only elegant but it is also costly. The guests could have a three course meal with a waiter serving the guests. This option will have a limited selection of food for the guests to choose from.


After you have decided which food option would you include in your wedding reception you should also decide on how you would commute to and from the wedding venue. If you are organizing your wedding reception in Baltimore, charter bus would be the best option for commuting with your family members. Also a Bus Rental in Baltimore would be a great option if after the wedding you want to spend the whole night enjoying the beauty of Baltimore.


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