Don’t Let Your Wedding Guests Go Without Treating Them to the Essence of Baltimore

If you’re having a wedding in Baltimore, it is highly likely that your out-of-town guests are already anticipating much in terms of seeing around the city, considering how much importance it holds historically. It is understandable that squeezing time for sightseeing right before the wedding day is difficult, but with Baltimore Party Bus Rental, you can have your burden shared when it comes to timely transport concerns. Baltimore Party Buses’ packages are designed to suit your needs.

The following sights in Baltimore are worth a visit, especially with your wedding guests who are coming in from other cities;


Jewish Museum Of Maryland:

Built in 1960 along with two synagogues on premises, The Jewish Museum of Maryland documents the rich history of American Jews in the form of artifacts, photographs, old style clothing, Jewish ritual art exhibits and many other items pertaining to Jewish history in the US.


For people having special interest in this community which is a part of the top 10 organized religious communities of the world, the Jewish Museum of Maryland has a lot to offer in terms of exhibitions and historical documents.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum:

For the lovers of all things vintage, the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore is a heaven. Located at the Camden station which is in itself a historically important station, the museum is a huge (16000 square feet, to be exact) facility that is mainly centered on the Pop Culture.


The museum has over 60,000 pop culture artifacts that belong to the owner’s personal collections from pop culture. The items range from pop posters, magazines, buttons and badges with pop culture designs on them, household items such as cereal boxes and children’s dolls and toys etc.  The category of items is so wide, it is virtually impossible to mention them entirely. A visit is definitely merited.


Horseshoe Casino:

Reflective of the typical Maryland nightlife, the Horseshoe Casino is a two storey building and the second largest in the State of Maryland (122,000 square feet). The gaming complex is a mix of board and table games, lottery stations and Poker rooms to name just a few.

If your guests are in for some experience of what the Baltimore nightlife is like, take them to the Horseshoe Casino which also offers eateries and drinks along with a comprehensive gaming complex.


Now that you know the best of Baltimore, it’s time for address the transport concerns and book Party Bus Baltimore to take all your guests together. Fir a luxurious experience that makes travelling more fun than the places, you can also book Baltimore Limo Bus.

Visit now and book in a few simple steps.


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