Wedding Day Last-Minute Checklist

A wedding preparation is never over till the entire event is actually over and your last guest leaves and you head off to your honeymoon. From the wedding hall to the Baltimore Limo Service that you hire for your wedding, you really need to plan everything ahead.


Here’s a last minute checklist that you need to go through in order to have a perfect wedding day.


Check With All the Vendors

Have your final checks with all of the vendors. Ensure you have their numbers that you can contact them on. If your wedding planner is handling all of this, then talk to him/her and double check anything you are concerned about.


Make Envelope Tips

This is a safety hack for your money. Instead of having lots of dollar bills in the pocket or wallet to tip the staff such as the servers, DJ or banquet captain, or Wedding Limo Baltimore driver that will be driving you to your wedding in the lovely city of Baltimore; you can make tip envelopes for them. This way you not only make sure the person gets the tip, the money doesn’t get lost and it is all organized.


Keep your Limo Driver’s Number

Always remember to keep the Baltimore Limo driver’s number. It is important to do so because if you have a change of entering or exiting, or make a quick stop somewhere in the busy city of Baltimore, you will have to notify him. If you have left something in the limo or there is any change of plans, then you can easily call him up and make the arrangements accordingly.


Talk to Your Photographer

The photographer is the most important man at the wedding—after the groom and minister of course! He has your special day’s memories stored up inside his camera. If there is anything specific you have in mind for him to do like photographing certain people or even having a mini shoot in the Baltimore Limousine that can drive you around Baltimore, then talk it out with him.

Keeping Love Alive This Wedding Seasons with a Baltimore Limo

You want to do something extra special for your Bride. Maybe last year wasn’t up to par, so to speak. Maybe your wife had envisioned something incredible, but you did nothing more than prepare a nice dinner in the house. That can be fine, but if you want to go out of your way for a Wedding reception, consider a Wedding Limo Baltimore.


That’s Just the Start:

A Baltimore Limousine is only the beginning. Don’t think of it as the only thing you have to worry about. You might want to make a reservation at a nice four or five star restaurant. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to provide to your lifelong partner?


She may be ecstatic about the idea of going to one of these restaurants, especially if that’s not something you normally do. Most of us can’t afford a five star restaurant once, let alone regularly.


It could be a remarkable chance for you to enjoy each other’s company and something completely out of your comfort zone. How you get there, though, can make the entire trip even better.


Imagine Riding in a Quality, Luxurious Wedding Transport Baltimore:

If you can just envision yourself, your wife, sitting in the back of your own stretch limousine or even a Lincoln Town Car while and experienced chauffeur takes you to the dining facility, you can spend all of your time and energy focused on her, rather than the traffic, finding directions, or even struggling with parking.


Wedding Day only comes around once in whole life and while some feel it’s a Hallmark holiday, your wife is probably expecting something wonderful this year.When you make a reservation for a Baltimore Limo Service, you’ll be able to sit back and relax, knowing she’s going to be completely surprised and thrilled by what you have planned.

3 Reasons a Baltimore Limo Makes a Great Holiday Gift

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift this year, you might be beating your head against the wall. It seems like that special person in your life has everything. What they don’t have, most likely, is their own Baltimore Limo service.


There are plenty of reasons why a Baltimore Limousine is an absolutely great idea for a Christmas, Hanukkah, or other gift this year. Here are three reasons to consider..


First, a Limo Rental Baltimore Provides Luxury:

People want to be pampered. They want luxury. They want to feel like a celebrity or VIP. Anyone who rides in a quality Wedding Limo Baltimore, as long as it is considered high quality, gets all that and more.


Second, a Baltimore Limousine Offers on-Time Service:

When you choose the right company, one that’s been around for many years and has the latest GPS navigation equipment installed on every vehicle and incredibly knowledgeable drivers, you won’t have to worry about being on time.


Third, the Right Baltimore Limo Service is Affordable:

A lot of people assume a Baltimore Wedding Limousine is just too much money. They don’t consider it for themselves and certainly may not consider it as a Christmas or other holiday gift.


While there are certainly numerous companies overcharging for Limousine Services Baltimore, that’s not the case with all of them. When you consider the value a Limo Rentals Baltimore offers, you may discover that it is certainly affordable and whoever you have in mind for this particular gift is going to appreciate it for the days leading up to their trip and the entire time, mile after mile after mile.

Wedding Planning Checklist for the Grooms

Why not?

Why do we always associate things like wedding registry, wedding planning, and organization with the bride?  A groom too has some responsibilities on his part, such as booking a suitable reception venue, renting a wedding transportation, choosing the DJ etc. So, to lessen the groom’s burden, here is a checklist involving all the things he is supposed to take care of.


Start with a Budget in Mind:

It is important to know how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. This includes taking into account all the expenses, such as wedding rings, wedding rides in Baltimore Limo Service etc. Once you have a number, you can move on to deciding who gets invited to your wedding and who doesn’t make the cut.


Make a Guest List:

A guest list will determine how the cost you have just figured out you are willing to spend will be divided. The more people you invite, the more the cost you will have to bare per person. So, pick only the ones who mean something to you.


Pick your Best Man:

It may seem as easy as booking a Limo Rental Baltimore, but it isn’t always like that. It gets harder to pick just one when you are close to many of your friends. But a decision has to be made, and now is the time to make it.


Research for Honeymoon Destinations:

It important to involve your partner in the research process but since you will be paying for the trip, you better research all the destinations and expenses before you discuss it with your bride to be.


Book Wedding Day Transportation for Yourself and Your Bride:

Next, you will have to book a Baltimore Limo for yourself and the bride to ride in after the reception.


Don’t Forget the Guests:

You will always have to book Baltimore Limousines for your side of the family, especially if you have many out of town guests attending you wedding.


Get a Marriage License:

Get yourself registered at least 4 weeks before the wedding so that you don’t have to rush after any legalities at the last minute.

Three Key Reasons Business Travelers Often Choose a Baltimore Limo for Airport Trips

If you’re wondering whether a Baltimore limo is worth the money, you might have plenty of people telling you not to bother. You can just drive yourself, they might say. What’s the big deal about calling Uber or a taxi?


It’s reasonable enough to make these assumptions, but when you look to the corporate world, one thing you realize is many business travelers choose a Baltimore Limousine for meetings, trips to and from the airport, seminars, and so much more. These business executives even choose a Limo Bus Baltimore for personal reasons as well.


There are plenty of great reasons why they do. Here are three you might want to consider if you’ve been kicking around the idea of renting a Limo Rental Baltimore for an upcoming special occasion.


Key Reason #1: On-time Service:

Business travelers understand the importance of arriving on time. If they get to the destination late, it can cause a number of problems. It can actually cost, potentially, millions of dollars in missed opportunities.


For most business travelers, though, getting to or from the airport or to a meeting is absolutely essential. It may not be millions of dollars missed if they don’t get there on time, but they never take those chances.


Key Reason #2: Comfort.:

By choosing a reliable and experienced Baltimore Limousine company, comfort should be something expected. The vehicle should be late-model and well-maintained. That should provide a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride. That allows you to enjoy the trip, sightseeing, or even work, if you need to.


Key Reason #3: Reliability:

Similar to on-time service, reliability is about choosing a company that understands your needs. Many business travelers require immediate billing to track their budget, might need a car service at the last minute, and need one that is responsive.


Anyone looking at renting a Baltimore Limo should consider these as great reasons why this would be a wonderful idea, whether it’s for an anniversary, wedding, prom, birthday celebrations, or heading to a sporting event or concert with family or friends.

Don’t Let Your Transportation Get In The Way Of Your Wishes

So what if you love your family that traveled from far away to visit you and what if you, along with many others, want to spend a few more minutes with your loved ones and see them off until the very end? It is certainly not a crime and with a Baltimore Airport Limo, it is now possible to do just that and comfortably.


There are many places we wish to visit or accompany someone but due to the lack of space in your regular car, you have to compromise. That is unfair because you only live once and don’t let anything as basic as the transportation get in the way of your wishes.


1.     The Dilemma of Finding a Parking Spot:

It’s a headache to find the right spot for parking your car and if the car belongs to you, then you cannot just leave it anywhere. Also, a plane won’t exactly wait for you to find a parking spot. However, if you have thought ahead and made the wise decision of hiring a Baltimore Limo, you can just drop off anywhere and leave the issue of parking to the driver.


2.    Everyone Can Go:

If all of you want to see off your friends and family, then no one has to be left behind. A Baltimore limo is big enough to accommodate a large number of people. Also, a Baltimore airport limo is spacious and allows passengers to sit in such a way that they can all interact with each other.


3.    No Chance of Delay;

Bad luck has the habit of befalling us at the worst of times. Not that there is a good time for bad luck, a perfectly capable car can stop functioning just as we have to leave the house for the airport. Other transportation services are also unreliable and often take far more time than they claim to. But if you had a Baltimore Limo Rental, then rest assured; it will be on your front door bright and early, diffusing all your worries.


If you and your group of people want to visit a place but are unable to do so, then just contact us for renting a Baltimore Limousine and do whatever you want to do.

Why You Should Get a Baltimore Limo for Your Next Event

Who doesn’t love travelling in style? If you have something similar in mind, you should opt for Limo Rental in Baltimore. Limousines are perfect for special events because they are comfortable, classy, and have a built-in bar that adds to the overall experience. In addition to this, limousines have a number of other benefits. Let’s have a look at them:


You Don’t Have to Drive

Let’s acknowledge the fact that it is a great hassle to drive when you are dressed up for a super important event. When you hire a Baltimore Limousine, you get to sit back, relax, and listen to your favorite music with your family or friends because the driver will take care of the driving part.


You Will Stay Coordinated

One issue with going in separate cars is that everyone reaches at a different time because some of them get lost or get stuck in traffic. The good part about Limo Rental in Baltimore is that you will pick and keep everyone together so that you reach on time.


No More Stress

Getting stuck in traffic is pretty stressful because you have to deal with the road rage. When you hire a limo, the chauffeur manages the driving and you get to relax.


You Don’t Have To Park

You get to your intended destination and then you find out that parking lot is all packed and you can’t find a great spot to park your car. With a Baltimore Limo, you get off, and the driver takes care of the car parking.


No Directions Needed

Your driver does not need any directions, so you can’t get lost. A lot of times the drivers know the peak traffic hours and adopt an alternate route which saves you time.


3 Reasons Why You Should Arrange a Baltimore City Tour for Your Wedding Guests

Each city has a treasure to offer on its own; some may have a look of vintage in the old buildings, others may have a landscape that no other city can offer. Baltimore is a beautiful place to visit anytime for any reason, but a tour of the city on our wedding can be the best wedding present you can give to the guests. Here is why:


Baltimore Is Worth a Tour

From exhibition of natural habitats and species to preservation of history in museums, Baltimore has everything to offer. You can visit National Aquarium or go to Baltimore museum of art, either of the places are one of their kind. Maryland Zoo and Cylburn Arboretum are worth a sight as well with the former exhibiting a number of exciting views of Mother Nature’s creations and the latter has themed gardens and natural activities. So giving a tour of Baltimore to your guests can be an amazing and fun time to bond together and make it a memory. Hire a Baltimore Limousine to have a small party on the way; just so you don’t miss out on that either.


It Is a Different Idea to Try Out

People usually go for the traditional ways of attending to their wedding guests and entertaining them. You can try this unique idea to make a custom memory that you can cherish with the people close to you in the years to come. Instead of having a night in the club, you can have a much better time rejoicing each other’s company in a place that lets you share more meaningful moments together. You can hire a Baltimore Limo for this trip and enjoy the time out.


Because Why Not?

When was the last time you heard a wedding party going for a city tour? It is one fantastic idea that can be pulled off absolutely just as easily as arranging a bachelorette. So why not go an extra mile to make the guests feel special.


You can look up for the best Limo Rental in Baltimore. We would suggest hitting up Baltimore Charter Bus at 888-308-3767 or to make a reservation for a Baltimore Limousine. The reason we are dubbing them as the best Limo Rental in Baltimore is because they provide quality Baltimore Limo services with a number of options. Visit their website to have a look and make a booking of your choice.

How to Plan Transportation for Wedding Guests Months Ahead

People often think that arranging transportation for their wedding day is just a matter of a few hours or even minutes. But its time they realize that transportation planning is not so simple. If left for ‘later’, it can become one of the most time-consuming things to plan!


Planning Your Wedding Day Transport for Guests


  • First and foremost, you need to determine the time frame appropriate to begin the transportation planning. An ideal time period is most likely to be at least 3 to 4 months before the main event.


  • Next, you must decide what type of transportation you want to provide to your wedding guests. Once you have decided the type of vehicle you want, you have to look for vehicle rental companies in town. Let’s say if you have decided to go for a Baltimore Limousine so search for reputed Bus Charter Baltimore providers offering charter bus services for wedding events.


  • After you have chosen a suitable transportation service provider, next thing is to sign the contract. But before that, make sure to ask the company about their cancellation policy, just in case you change your mind later on.


  • Before booking any vehicle, especially a charter or Baltimore Party Buses make sure that you know the exact number of guests who needs the transportation; unless of course, you are just being a chivalrous host and providing the service to one and all. You can include small response cards along with the invite, to ask them whether they need to be picked and dropped to/from the venue or they will manage on their own.


  • Check with all the hotels you have booked for the guests, plus the venue of the ceremony and the reception. Always cross-check the addresses of all the locations that you have given to the Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore to avoid any last moment troubles.


  • Ask the bus company to prepare a transportation schedule. Then send a copy of that schedule to all the hotels so that they can display it on the front desk for the convenience of your guests. But make sure they write the bride and groom’s name on the notice because you are not the only one who will be having rooms booked in the hotel!