It’s Easy to Find a Party Bus of Baltimore, but This Bachelor/ette Celebration Deserves the Best

Most people are incredibly surprised at just how many companies are out there advertising a Baltimore Party Bus Rental. That doesn’t mean there are a great number of party buses, though.


In fact, When Looking for a Party Bus through Baltimore, there are only a few:

Most of these other companies play tricks with their potential clients. They don’t treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. They take older buses, including mini school buses, paint them, black out the windows, add a disco ball inside, and maybe do some other renovations and call it a party bus, but that’s not what a party bus is.


A Party Bus is an Experience to Behold:

It should be like a rolling nightclub. It should help everyone, especially the bachelor or bachelorette, the guest of honor, feel like a VIP. For those who have always wondered what is like to be a celebrity, to be treated like a celebrity, and have people turn their heads every time you go somewhere, this is the way to do it.


Imagine the Bachelor or Bachelorette Getting out at their Destination:

Just imagine how many people will stop what they’re doing at the nightclub or other venue, turn, and try to figure out who this person is. It will make this celebration a more wonderful experience.


Yes, it’s easy to find a Party Bus Baltimore, but for this special moment, the guest of honor deserves the best, which demands a little bit more attention to every little detail.


How to Rock This Bachelorette Party with Party Bus of Baltimore

This upcoming bachelorette party is going to rock. You have the perfect entertainment, the ideal venue, and a wonderful list of the guest of honor’s best friends. You want every detail to go perfect, and that’s why you have considered Party Bus Rental Baltimore.


Let’s Go on a Tour:

You can take this Limo Bus through Baltimore to do sightseeing. Check out some of the area’s rich history, head down to DC and visit the national monuments, or even go out to the beaches. Wherever you think the guest of honor would like to go, that’s where you should go.


Decorate the Interior:

If you choose a quality company, one that has been around for a long time, they should have a true Party Buses in Baltimore. A lot of small, new companies tend to take old school buses and convert them into what they call party buses, but it’s still just an old, worn-out mini school bus.


With a true, genuine party bus and a quality company like Baltimore Party Bus Rental you should be able to add pictures, some decorations, and other mementos, as long as they can be easily removed and cleaned up, by you and the other guests, of course.


Don’t forget the Camera:

Sure, you might not want evidence of this bachelorette party to be circulated around, but you also don’t want to miss the opportunity to take some wonderful pictures for posterity’s sake. Make sure you bring a camera, and make sure you protect the integrity, privacy, and security of each person celebrating this bachelorette party together.

A Party Buses in Baltimore Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’ll Get What You Expect (So Be Diligent When Booking)

Sandra and Dave were excited when they found out their son was going to get a Party Bus Rental Baltimore. Heading to prom was an exciting time for their son and they wanted the best experience for him. They just never really thought much about transportation.


One of his friend’s Parents Broached the Idea of a Party Bus:

Spreading the cost around, a Party Bus through Baltimore on prom night was actually more affordable for each parent than renting a limousine individually.


They were all excited. They kept looking at pictures a party bus, the interior, and envisioning what their friends were going to say. Imagine rolling down the highway in what amounts to their own personal VIP section at a high and nightclub.When the old school bus pulled in, clanking and clattering as it rolled to a stop, it was disappointing.


This is an Understatement:

Everyone was shocked. Parents were yelling at the driver. They were saying this is not a party bus, but technically it was. The driver pointed them to the contract, to the fine print. It stated as clear as can be, ‘Actual vehicle may not be as represented on the website.’


This lesson is an important one for people to understand. When looking for a Baltimore Party Bus Rental, be diligent. Make sure you get exactly what you expect. A quality company, one that’s been around for a long time, will guarantee the exact make, model, and year vehicle their clients will receive.

3 Ways to Make Your Beach Getaway Memorable

When we are young and wild, we deserve to have all the fun in the world. At the same time, we should also be careful with our choices and decisions. If you are planning a party, make sure you have all the safety supplies with you and that you have a reliable transportation like a Baltimore limo bus ready.


Choose Wisely:

There are a number of beaches in Baltimore; however, you still need to choose one wisely for your party. It will not only be you and your friends but there might be many strangers on the beach as well. It could spoil your fun and it will turn out to be worse is someone was to call the police on you. So in order to make sure that you beach getaway goes as peacefully as you want it to, choose your beach wisely. Your options include the Oregon Ridge Beach, Rocky Point Beach, Miami Beach Park, Breezy Point Beach and Secrets Bar and Grill. You can visit all these beaches on a Baltimore Party Bus rental prior to deciding to make up your mind.


Plan Fun Things For You Trip To The Beach:

Why wait for the fun to start after you reach the beach when it can start way before that? That’s right; you can plan interesting games and fun activities on your way to the beach. Just make sure to hire Baltimore Party Buses so that all of you can travel together. A  Baltimore limo bus will also accommodate you with all its high tech facilities. The large and spacious seats allow you to interact with everyone and have a comfortable trip.


Carry your Supplies at Once:

Nothing ruins the fun more than realizing you have forgotten one of the most important things back home, your music system for instance. You’ll be beating yourself the entire time instead of enjoying the party. Make sure to plan ahead to avoid pitfalls like this. Call for a Baltimore Party Bus Rental or a Limo Bus Baltimore in advance and begin to load everything according to a checklist. Only then can you rest assured that you’ll have a splendid time on the beach.


If you need transportation for any of your fun trips with friends and family, then book a Baltimore Limo Bus for a timely and comfortable service.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Party Bus for Your Wedding


If your big day is around the corner, you should consider getting a Baltimore Limo Bus for your wedding. You must be thinking if it is a good idea to consider Baltimore Party Buses and the answer is yes! It is a good idea. Want to know why?  Read the following reasons:

No Hassles

With a Baltimore Party Bus Rental, everything will be hassle free and you won’t have to worry about your guests being late or getting stuck into traffic because everyone will arrive together in style.



A limo driver knows all the routes and their alternatives, which means that everyone will reach safely from the wedding to the reception and that too in time.


Good Travelling Option

You know that Baltimore Party Bus is a great option because not only are they spacious and comfortable, but provide in house entertainment, comfortable lounging and have wet bars too!


It Is Classy

There is nothing classier than travelling in a limo. Think of all the memories that your guests will create during the ride. If you want to make it special for them, you can even hire a photographer who can take pictures while they are in the party bus.



The drivers are extremely professional and make sure that everyone reaches safely on time. Seriously, it is worth it to spend on a party bus on your big day. Your guests won’t have to worry about planning routes or looking at the GPS. They will simple get into the bus and reach the destination without any issue.



If the ride is long and you want your guests to be comfortable, you can ask the staff to serve them drinks and food during the ride. The best part is that you get to pick the menu and make the trip a memorable one.

Occasions When You Can Hire A Baltimore Party Buses

If you are hosting a party and want all your guests to reach on time, you should consider Baltimore Party Bus Rental.  These buses are just like limos and have the following facilities:


  • Dance floors
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Laser lights
  • Side-facing seats
  • Sound systems
  • Wet Bars


All your guests will have a comfortable ride and no one will worry about parking and traffic. Here are some occasions where you can consider hiring a Party Bus in Baltimore:


Attending a Concert

If you want to attend a concert, you should get a party bus. The bus will pick people from different destinations and will drop them back which is convenient and safe, especially if you are expected to get free in the middle of the night.


Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

If you have decided to have a wild night out, you should get a party bus and hit all the bars and the casinos. You might not know this, but a party bus has more rooms than a casino, so you can play games, eat in there, and even open presents.


Club Hopping

You can call a taxi, but one of the best ways to enjoy club hopping is to get a Baltimore Party Bus Rental. You can hand your driver the list of places that you want to visit and enjoy the night out.


Prom Night

Party buses are great for prom nights. If you are booking it for your child, you know that they will be safe because the vehicle will be driven by a licensed chauffeur who knows all the routes.


Wedding Day

You can hire a Party Bus in Baltimore for your big day. This way all your guests will reach on time without getting lost.

3 Last-Minute Wedding DON’TS You Need To Remember

Do you think you won’t be able to stay calm and pay attention to every minor detail on your wedding day? Don’t worry as we have listed the top three wedding priorities you should remember till the last minute.


Don’t Forget the Return Gifts

First things first, your wedding party will never want to go back home without any return gift in hand. If you have given this duty to someone else then there are chances that the person may forget doing it. Because no one knows the importance of expressing gratitude to the guests other than the host, after all! You don’t have to prepare something too extravagant, your gifts may be small but they should reflect your gratefulness towards your guests.


So, make sure you do NOT forget this very important detail amid the wedding chaos. If the other person didn’t make the arrangements by chance, then do it yourself!


Don’t Leave Your Honeymoon Packing For Last Minute

It’s quite natural if you can’t think beyond your wedding day, but you have to, because there’s something special ahead of your big day too—your honeymoon! Leaving your honeymoon packing to the last minute is definitely not a good idea, as then you would only be throwing things in the bag and not actually packing them.


You would never want to waste your valuable honeymoon moments choosing the right pair of jeans, right? So take some time out before your wedding day, do your honeymoon packing and save yourself from the last minute jitters.


Don’t Forget To Check With Your Transportation Provider

We know it feels like an extra burden to reconfirm everything with the vendors but then you don’t want any mishaps to happen on your bid day, right? Therefore, it’s important to check with your party or Baltimore Limo Bus provider, because this is something you can’t afford to over look.


Reconfirm from the Bus Rental Baltimore company about the timings and routes for the venue and ask them whether they have equipped the party bus with all the necessary things you asked for or not.


However, there’s one Party bus Baltimore provider that makes sure every arrangement is done to perfection without disturbing the bride and groom. Contact Baltimore Party Bus Rental and book one of their best party buses equipped with a dance floor, quality speakers, and luxurious seating— enough to wow your wedding party!

Don’t Let Your Wedding Guests Go Without Treating Them to the Essence of Baltimore

If you’re having a wedding in Baltimore, it is highly likely that your out-of-town guests are already anticipating much in terms of seeing around the city, considering how much importance it holds historically. It is understandable that squeezing time for sightseeing right before the wedding day is difficult, but with Baltimore Party Bus Rental, you can have your burden shared when it comes to timely transport concerns. Baltimore Party Buses’ packages are designed to suit your needs.

The following sights in Baltimore are worth a visit, especially with your wedding guests who are coming in from other cities;


Jewish Museum Of Maryland:

Built in 1960 along with two synagogues on premises, The Jewish Museum of Maryland documents the rich history of American Jews in the form of artifacts, photographs, old style clothing, Jewish ritual art exhibits and many other items pertaining to Jewish history in the US.


For people having special interest in this community which is a part of the top 10 organized religious communities of the world, the Jewish Museum of Maryland has a lot to offer in terms of exhibitions and historical documents.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum:

For the lovers of all things vintage, the Geppi Entertainment Museum in Baltimore is a heaven. Located at the Camden station which is in itself a historically important station, the museum is a huge (16000 square feet, to be exact) facility that is mainly centered on the Pop Culture.


The museum has over 60,000 pop culture artifacts that belong to the owner’s personal collections from pop culture. The items range from pop posters, magazines, buttons and badges with pop culture designs on them, household items such as cereal boxes and children’s dolls and toys etc.  The category of items is so wide, it is virtually impossible to mention them entirely. A visit is definitely merited.


Horseshoe Casino:

Reflective of the typical Maryland nightlife, the Horseshoe Casino is a two storey building and the second largest in the State of Maryland (122,000 square feet). The gaming complex is a mix of board and table games, lottery stations and Poker rooms to name just a few.

If your guests are in for some experience of what the Baltimore nightlife is like, take them to the Horseshoe Casino which also offers eateries and drinks along with a comprehensive gaming complex.


Now that you know the best of Baltimore, it’s time for address the transport concerns and book Party Bus Baltimore to take all your guests together. Fir a luxurious experience that makes travelling more fun than the places, you can also book Baltimore Limo Bus.

Visit now and book in a few simple steps.