Why Charter Bus Companies in Baltimore Are Ideal for Romantic Holidays

Are you making plans for Valentine’s Day? Maybe you’re trying to think of something unique, but you keep running up against the wall. There are so many ideas that could be exceptional for your partner in life, and perhaps you never thought about Charter Bus Companies in Baltimore.


What is it about Charter Buses in Baltimore that Can be Great for this Day?

Most people, when they think about renting transportation for Valentine’s Day, have a tendency to envision limos, at best. Limos are fine, and they are ideal for couples who just want a nice, quiet evening or night out together, what about groups of friends?


Valentine’s Day is often thought of as nothing more than a day for couples, but it’s perfect for friends and even family members. You may have a number of friends all getting together for Valentine’s Day, but why have everyone drive themselves separately?


You Could Even Consider Surprising your Significant Other:

Imagine the look on her face when the Baltimore Charter Buses show up to pick you and her up. She gets on board and see all of her friends, maybe even several family members. This could be a surprise for her.


You Can Even think About this for Sporting Events or Concerts:

If you want to think creatively, think about a tour. Maybe this would be a great opportunity to go for a sightseeing tour down in Washington, DC, to a concert, or even a sporting event. If you’re so inclined, you can even go on a wine tour with the right Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore.


You can book a minibus, executive minibus, party bus, or even a coach bus, depending on how many people would be traveling together. It’s a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and a gift you won’t soon forget.


Business or Pleasure…. How About Both?

Just because you are taking your employees out of town in a Charter Bus Company Baltimore to attend an important yet boring 3-day business conference on the Effects of Molecular Disintegration of Matter on Our Health doesn’t mean it has to be boring. It’s non-negotiable that such a trip, from start till end, lacks excitement. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Defying common norm, we will look at some interesting things you can do with your colleagues when on a business trip in Charter Buses Baltimore.


Rent the Best Bus charter Baltimore:

Starting from the obvious, you need to book a luxurious ride without compromising on comfort. Get in touch with the best Charter Bus Companies in Baltimore and book the most comfortable and well-equipped Baltimore Charter Bus for your employees to travel in.


Add a Vacation Day:

If the conference is for 3 days straight, add another vacation day before you travel back home. There may be employees who are in town for the first time; so, there is no harm in doing a little sightseeing.


Make the Ride Enjoyable by Choosing a Killer Playlist:

For this, you need to understand the demographics of your employees. Are most of them in their mid 50s or 60s or are they just fresh graduates? Know what kind of music they would like to hear on the way and just play it.


Go Food Hunting:

Who doesn’t like to dine out and try new things? We all do! Whatever city you are visiting, there must be something special that the city prides itself in. Do give the local street food a chance to amaze you. Trust our word as you won’t regret it.


Play Games:

To succeed at it, you would really have to be the coolest manager. You may think you are too old for it but just a simple game of charades among two people can get everyone involved and entertained. Who knows, half an hour later, everyone in the Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore will be trying to guess the movie you are trying to enact.

What Can You Actually Do in a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore?

You might be the one responsible for booking a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore. Maybe it’s for school field trip. Perhaps it’s for a corporate picnic or other special occasion. Maybe it’s for church outing. Whatever the case may be, you might have had some experience riding along in a charter bus in the past, but that was many years ago when you were a teenager.


Now you’re trying to figure out if a Charter Bus Companies Baltimore is the right option. You may be looking for transportation for five, 10, or even 20 people. It could be for family reunion or a number of friends heading to the Ravens game, a concert, or some other special event.


It’s easy to assume having just a few designated drivers is a better option. It might seem like that can save a lot of money, but that’s not always the case. In some situations, you will actually find the cost of fuel, wear-and-tear on the vehicles, tolls, and parking can be a lot more than you expected.


So what Can you Actually Do in a Baltimore Charter Buses?

You can head down to Washington, DC to do some sightseeing. You can go to a mall with family, seniors, or other people to go shopping. You can head out of state on a wine tour, to visit New York City, or just about anything else you want.


Depending on the time of year, a Bus Charter from Baltimore might be perfect for heading to the beach. Everyone gets to stay together, have conversations, and relax. No one will have to worry about driving themselves, getting lost, or dealing with the hassles of traffic.


One common thing people remark about when relying on a Charter Bus Company Baltimore is that even when they’re stuck in traffic, they just don’t notice. They’re too busy having fun with everyone else.

3 Best Wedding Spots to Say ‘I Do’ In Baltimore

So you are done with finalizing your wedding date and now you are looking out for the perfect venue that can make your wedding day all the more special. Just sit back and read on the top three wedding venues we have picked up for you in the city of Baltimore.


Go for a Courtyard Ceremony and a Ballroom Reception at the 1840s Plaza

Imagine walking down the aisle in a garden courtyard seamlessly adding the 19th century charm to your big day. Picture perfect, no? 1840s Plaza is exactly the one you just dreamt about!


Lying in the heart of downtown Baltimore, 1840s Plaza is a gem of a venue. From a beautifully landscaped courtyard to the ‘1840s Ballroom’ at the fourth floor, this plaza is everything you can ask for—a perfect wedding venue. Having a capacity to welcome up to 230 guests, the 1840s Ballroom offers a stunning set up for all wedding events. ­


Plan a waterfront Wedding at Tabrizi’s

Are you someone with an exotic taste when it comes to wedding venues? If yes, then Tabrizi’s is the place for you! This classic waterfront wedding spot is located in the heart of Baltimore city, having the capacity to host up to 230 guests. Tabrizi’s offers a perfect waterfront view well combined with the bohemian feel of the entire place. This spot is an apt choice for your wedding ceremony with the open air set up and the blue water offering a perfect backdrop to tie the knot with your partner.


Exchange your Vows at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

Situated in the heart of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, the ‘Pier 5 hotel’ not only stands out for being a boutique hotel but also adds a touch of elegance to the events with its waterfront view. This versatile boutique hotel offers a wide range of options from arranging the ceremony in the Lighthouse Garden to planning a happening party in the Harbor Club. The two-story Harbor Club is a ballroom having a wall of windows facing the water with a 270 degree panoramic view of the beautiful Inner Harbor.


Now that you know which venue to go for a waterfront, ballroom or garden wedding, next up is arranging the wedding transportation! Dial 888-308-3767 and contact Bus Rental Baltimore to book a comfy Baltimore Charter Bus for your guests, because when it’s in Baltimore, no can offer better charter bus service than Charter Bus Rental Baltimore!


How to Plan Transportation for Wedding Guests Months Ahead

People often think that arranging transportation for their wedding day is just a matter of a few hours or even minutes. But its time they realize that transportation planning is not so simple. If left for ‘later’, it can become one of the most time-consuming things to plan!


Planning Your Wedding Day Transport for Guests


  • First and foremost, you need to determine the time frame appropriate to begin the transportation planning. An ideal time period is most likely to be at least 3 to 4 months before the main event.


  • Next, you must decide what type of transportation you want to provide to your wedding guests. Once you have decided the type of vehicle you want, you have to look for vehicle rental companies in town. Let’s say if you have decided to go for a Baltimore Limousine so search for reputed Bus Charter Baltimore providers offering charter bus services for wedding events.


  • After you have chosen a suitable transportation service provider, next thing is to sign the contract. But before that, make sure to ask the company about their cancellation policy, just in case you change your mind later on.


  • Before booking any vehicle, especially a charter or Baltimore Party Buses make sure that you know the exact number of guests who needs the transportation; unless of course, you are just being a chivalrous host and providing the service to one and all. You can include small response cards along with the invite, to ask them whether they need to be picked and dropped to/from the venue or they will manage on their own.


  • Check with all the hotels you have booked for the guests, plus the venue of the ceremony and the reception. Always cross-check the addresses of all the locations that you have given to the Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore to avoid any last moment troubles.


  • Ask the bus company to prepare a transportation schedule. Then send a copy of that schedule to all the hotels so that they can display it on the front desk for the convenience of your guests. But make sure they write the bride and groom’s name on the notice because you are not the only one who will be having rooms booked in the hotel!

Make This Father’s Day the Best Ever with a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore

If your dad is an Oriole’s fan, forget the ties or dad sweaters. Instead, buy him a ticket for the game on Father’s Day, June 19th, against the Blue Jays and arrange for a coach Bus Rental in Baltimore. It will truly give him the thrill of a lifetime and appropriately express your appreciation with the combination of a day spent enjoying his favorite team with comfortable, luxurious, and safe transportation.Choosing a company to provide a Bus Charter in Baltimore can be difficult if you lack prior experience arranging for professional transportation services. We make the process easy and have enjoyed decades of experience to influence our service standards.


Over our years of providing transportation,like Party Bus Baltimore we have concluded that by focusing on three major aspects of the business, we can create a highly efficient and enjoyable experience for our customers. These areas include our chauffeurs, our vehicles, and our customer service.When you choose our company, you choose consummately professional drivers. Your dad and his friends will not be anxious over poor driving skills or a discourteous attitude. We emphasize the treatment of clients, and we diligently train each chauffeur, making sure that he or she has the skill to maneuver the vehicle and knowledge of the area. Additionally, we perform drug monitoring and background checks to weed undesirables from our driver pool.


Our fleet is, without question, second to none. Wide, varied, and immaculate, the entire fleet enjoys full bonding, licensing, and insurance. Whether your needs are small or large, we have an appropriate ride. Charter buses come with luxurious seats which reline and plenty of elbow and leg room. We have a separate area designated for cargo to make sure baggage doesn’t take up passenger space. Your dad’s gift will be markedly comfortable as he rides to the game on Father’s Day.


We also focus on customer service. Feedback is the only way to guarantee customer satisfaction and future improvement, so we value communication prior to, during, and after a service period. We maintain constant availability by never closing our customer service department and aim to provide personalized service. If your dad has a special request, we’re happy to make his Father’s Day as memorable as possible.Remember to give your dad his gift early so that he can find plenty of friends to share his gift of a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore. He will be happy to boast to everyone about the consideration and uniqueness of your gift. Book online, and tell him now so that he can whittle down his list of companions!

Educational Fun with the Kiddos this Summer with a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore

As schools finish with the school year and the weather becomes heated, summer vacation plans enter high gear. If you’re still making plans, consider using a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore to see the Inner Harbor area of the city. It’s home to attractions such as the National Aquarium, the Maryland Science Center, the USS Constellation, and Port Discovery; all of these sights are ideal to keep active minds curious and joyful.

Booking a Bus Charter in Baltimore could be an intimidating prospect. How do you know which company to choose? When browsing your options, focus on the elements of service which can make your trip better. We offer service that enhances safety, efficiency, and comfort.


Taking a group of school-age children anywhere is a daunting prospect, and the dangers involved are multiplied. You, as the organizer, have more responsibility because you and the other adults in the group will have to watch over the safety of active and impulsive little ones. Our services allow your group to stay together. We can comfortably seat any size group because we have a large fleet with a myriad of models and sizes with shared standards of quality and safety. Party Bus Baltimore entire fleet enjoys comprehensive bonding, licensing, and insurance. Your group will be able to ride in one vehicle, eliminating the dangers inherent in separation which include an increased risk for accident or loss of a child.


Another way that our services increase your safety is our drivers. Absolute professionals with clear background checks and drug screens, our chauffeurs are familiar with Baltimore and with safety rules for riding with young passengers. While you can rely on courteous treatment, you can expect your group’s safety to be priority number one for our drivers.


Touring the city will be a significant memory for the lucky group of children you take to Limo Rental Baltimore. Every minute should be spent efficiently, making memories and interacting with sights. Since our drivers know the city well, you can expect a coach bus rental in Boston to facilitate the maximum use of your time while traveling through the Inner Harbor.


If this trip will be your first with children, be forewarned. They can get antsy. Keeping them comfortable can be a lifesaver for your mental health. We have roomy interiors because cargo has a designated separate area, and our seats recline which will be useful for the return ride with exhausted youngsters. You’ll appreciate every comfort that keeps your charges happy and agreeable.


If a trip to Baltimore, Maryland sounds like an ideal way to keep your kiddos and their friends engaged over the summer, discuss it with their parents, arrange the finances, round up some volunteers, and book our services online.


Are you looking for a best Transport Service in your area than Bus Charter Baltimore and Party Bus Baltimore is your 1st choice for your travels and tours.


4 Ideas to Help Save Cash on Your Next Trip to Baltimore or DC

Looking to save money on your next trip to Baltimore or Washington, DC? If so, you could actually save money by considering a Bus Rental in Baltimore.Most people, when they hear that relying on a Baltimore Charter Bus can actually save them money, may laugh. However, when you’re traveling with a number of friends, a large family, or as part of group, and you spread around the cost of transportation, a Baltimore Limo Bus can actually be more affordable than renting cars, dealing with tolls, paying for parking, gas, and so much more. If you want to save even more money, here are four ideas you might want to consider.


Idea #1: Get the right Bus Rental in Baltimore:

Every company is different so make sure you shop around. The more experience the company has, the larger its fleet, the more likely it’s going to be affordable.


Idea #2: Avoid Common Tourist Traps:

There are plenty of incredible sites to visit throughout Baltimore and Washington, DC, but if you avoid the common tourist traps, you’ll avoid the gift shops that go along with them.


Idea #3: Don’t Buy Things you Can Purchase at Home:

If you see a shirt, hat, shoes, or other mementos that you can easily get back home, avoid the temptation to buy them here. Save your money for more important purchases.


Idea #4: Budget Each Day of your Trip:

If you’ll be relying on a Baltimore Party Buses for several days or even a week or more, figure out a reasonable budget for each day of that trip. Once you have that budget figured out, stick to it. You’ll be grateful you did when you get toward the end of this incredible trip.

How to Survive (and Enjoy) Traveling with a Group via Bus Charter from Baltimore

Group travel might possibly be the most frustrating, stressful experience of life. Whether it’s a church mission trip, a civic organization sight-seeing tour, or a road trip with friends, the stresses associated with traveling long distances can suck all of the fun out of an otherwise pleasant experience. Choosing to use a Coach Bus Rental in Baltimore can prevent many of the miserable side-effects of road trips.


Curb the Crankies

The temperature, the space, the smells, the other people, and many other small things contribute to the level of comfort or discomfort that travelers experience during lengthy road trips. When people are uncomfortable and unhappy without an escape route, they tend to get unpleasant. The type of transportation employed makes a huge difference in the number of cranky riders. If you choose a Charter Bus Rental Baltimore, your riders will enjoy reclining seats, plenty of room for themselves and baggage, and a dependable ride. The level of comfort will hopefully prevent any unpleasant personality traits from emerging.

Play it Safe

Driving long distances can be dangerous. Fatigue, confusion, or carelessness contributes to the majority of accidents on highways. One of the many benefits of reserving a Bus charter Baltimore is the services of a professional driver. We require clean background and drug tests prior to employment, train our drivers, and hold them to a strict standard of professional conduct. Our drivers and vehicles are the epitome of safety. Maintenance and inspection ensure the safety of each vehicle in our fully bonded, licensed, and insured fleet. Avoid safety concerns and reserve the best.

Manage Your Time

From bathroom breaks to scenic overlooks, your group will have plenty of reasons to insist on stopping… frequently. With professional transportation service comes efficient travel; Bus Rental Baltimore we even offer the option of an on-site coordinator. Our drivers understand that time on the road must be managed, so they map out routes and schedule breaks without wasting any extra time. Your travel should be spent enjoying your destination, and we strive to make sure that occurs. When issues arise, our 24/7 customer service division is at the ready to deal with your complaints or requests.


Group travel should be fun. Friends should stay friends, without conflict and friction. When traveling long distances, the best way to avoid the claws coming out is to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Your travel should also be as safe and efficient as possible which is best obtained through professional services with experience in the arena of lengthy road trips.


If you have to get a large group to a particular destination in Baltimore than, Baltimore Charter Bus is a great option for your Travels.

5 Ways to Serve Food at Your Wedding

A wedding becomes more memorable if the food that is offered is appetizing. There are many creative ways in which you can offer the food to your guests. Here we have highlighted a few ways in which you can satisfy the food cravings of your guests at your wedding ceremony.


If you are organizing your wedding reception at 12 noon and 2 pm then a luncheon would be a great way to offer food to your guests. Pasta dishes, Salads and chicken related dishes could be served in this menu. This kind of option is great if you have booked an outdoor wedding venue.

Dessert Only

Well this is something non-traditional and will surely shake things up at your wedding reception. A candy buffet, accompanied with a chocolate fountain and a broad assortment of delicious desserts are bound to satisfy the cravings for desserts at your wedding reception. This kind of menu is suitable if you have invited young guests at the wedding reception however still you should also include some savory dishes with such a sweet menu so that people with diabetes will also have something to eat at your wedding party.


Buffet Dinner

This option is great for casual couples who want a relaxing reception and want the guests to serve themselves. Typically this type of a food option at weddings will have various types of food items to choose from. The more you include rich variety of food the more it will become rich for your wallet, so only plan on having a buffet at your wedding reception if your budget allows you to do so.


Sit Down Dinner

If you work on Wall Street then this type of food option will best fit your wedding reception. This is the most elegant catering option that you would like to include at your wedding celebration. It is not only elegant but it is also costly. The guests could have a three course meal with a waiter serving the guests. This option will have a limited selection of food for the guests to choose from.


After you have decided which food option would you include in your wedding reception you should also decide on how you would commute to and from the wedding venue. If you are organizing your wedding reception in Baltimore, charter bus would be the best option for commuting with your family members. Also a Bus Rental in Baltimore would be a great option if after the wedding you want to spend the whole night enjoying the beauty of Baltimore.